Baker For Lehi - Championing Local Liberty
Liberty in Zoning
Zoning laws can be significantly restrictive on an individual land owner. I would support the city having no zoning laws, but I can see a reasonable argument for ensuring that some restrictions are put in place for safety and not financially burden current residents. I would support any request for a land owner to change their zoning category as long as that new zone has appropriate impact fees for all possible uses within that zoning category.
Liberty in Currency
We have many city services and fees that are currently paid with US Dollars and as we have seen in the past couple years, inflation can become nuisance. Utah was the first state to legalize gold as tender and I think we can utilize that at the city level. I would support initiatives for the city to accept payments in alternative currencies like Goldbacks or the various cryptocurrencies.
Liberty in Information
All too often various levels of government make decisions behind closed doors when that information should be given to the public. I support a high degree of transparency so that residents can get the info they want to know. A government serving the people should not have to hide behind private information. Lehi has many city services that should have data and reports available online for any person to review.
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